Your S-Video to RCA Composite Connection!

Connect the S-Video output of laptop, DVD player, satellite system, VCR, to a component that accepts only composite video/audio.

Everything you need to know is right here!


The USPS will no longer allow me to ship this half-ounce item First Class and mandates that it must go as an international package, with exorbitant rates, and pages of customs forms to fill out.   I apologize!  Any orders from non-US addresses will be refunded.

One local electronics retailer claims a converter like this doesn't exist! Another wants $25.00 for it! Then I discovered this great, low-cost component, and I went nuts. All I wanted to do was connect the S-Video output of my laptop to the composite video input of my old Sony television. The cheapie "adapters" I tried produced only a fuzzy, black-and-white picture. However, this true converter works great! Now I'm using another one of these to connect my DVD player to my Sony, using one of those AV switchboxes they sell in the videogames section of Wal-Mart. A friend of mine discovered this converter works the other way, too: he's connected an old camcorder that has only composite output to a receiver that has an S-Video input. You're going to love this gadget as much as I do!

How to use the converter: Plug the male end into any 4-pin or 7-pin S-Video socket.

  • Connect a standard RCA cable to the female RCA jack end of the converter.
  • Plug the other end of the RCA cable into the yellow Video IN RCA jack of your TV, etc.
  • Connect the audio from your source component to the red/white RCA Audio IN jacks of your TV, etc.
  • Make sure your TV is set to AV instead of antenna/cable.
  • If using with a laptop or desktop computer, switch from monitor output to the S-Video port (with Windows computers, use the Windows Display Control Panel, and click the Advanced tab.
  • Begin enjoying your video display!
  • We have the hard-to-find male RCA plug version of this adapter, which you can use with your S-Video cable or those we sell.  Some people prefer this version, especially if they plug and unplug their cables a lot, because the male RCA plug is a little sturdier than the four-pin male S-Video plug. 

    REMEMBER: Our converters, like all such devices, carry only the S-Video signal!  If you also want audio, you'll need to connect your DVD/VCR/computer's audio output to the red/white RCA audio jacks of your other component.  E-mail us if you're unsure exactly how to connect your equipment.

    Have a 7-pin socket in your computer or laptop?  Our 4-pin plugs work fine in 99 percent of the cases.  Those extra three pins in the middle are non-standard and not generally used for anything, and the 4-pin plug fits in the 7-pin socket just fine.  An exception is some Dell computers, which use the middle three pins for SPDIF digital audio. The vast majority of users don't need or can't use digital audio output (which requires a black RCA connector on the receiver.) Click Here for more Dell information. You can still use our 4-pin converter, but you'll need to connect the analog audio from your computer's sound card using the sound card's 3.5mm ministereo phone plug and a pair of cables to your component's red/white RCA audio IN jacks. We sell the adapter for that, too. See below!
    Another exception is some Radeon video cards that use the three extra pins to create composite video in an alternate way.  They work fine with our 4-pin converter, too!

    8000+plus sold. It will work for you, or you can return it!

    Radio Shack and CompUSA charge $19.95 to $24.95 for the converter alone. Others say it doesn't exist!

    FAQs: Here's everything you need to know:

  • Is this a true BI-DIRECTIONAL converter with passive circuitry? You'll see cheap models selling for $5.00 or less (with $5.00 for postage and handling!) that may do nothing more than connect the Y and C wires together, producing a fuzzy or black-and-white picture. Ours are the real thing, and worth a few extra dollars.
  • Will this converter work with my S-Video component or video card? Our converters have a four-pin male S-Video connector on one end, which plugs into the S-Video input or output jacks of most AV components. It will also connect to video cards that have four-pin ports, and most cards with 7-pin jacks, as the extra three pins are not usually used for video. Does not work with older Macintoshes having 7-pin S-Video OUT jacks. It has been tested and works with many newer Macs having a 4-pin S-Video jack, such as the G4 Titantium PowerBook.
  • Will this converter work with my composite video component? Our adapter has a female RCA jack on its other end. Simply plug an RCA cord into this jack, and plug the other end into the composite video jack on your component. It's that simple.
  • Can I convert my S-Video output to composite video? Yes. This is the best mode, converting from a high quality video source to composite. Use your DVD, satellite system, etc. with televisions, projection TVs, etc. that have only composite input.
  • Will this device work in tight quarters? Yes. Unlike bulkier converters you may have seen, this one is thin enough to plug into crowded panels.
  • Can I convert composite output to S-Video input? Yes, but the results will only be as good as your original composite source.
  • What happens if it doesn't work? We offer a full money-back guarantee. If this converter doesn't work for you, return it for a full refund.
  • How fast can I get this? Pay electronically (PayPal, etc.) before 4 p.m. Eastern Time and we can usually ship First Class the same day. If you're in a real hurry, pay $5.95 for Priority Mail shipping.
  • How much is shipping and handling? Others charge $5.00 and up for shipping. For the converters alone, we charge a flat $2.50 shipping/handling fee for most single items to any address in the United States. Our fee covers First Class shipping, and includes our "assurance" pledge that you'll get what you paid for. NO NEED TO PAY EXTRA FOR INSURANCE. If you want more than one converter, the shipping/handling charge is $4.00 for as many items as you order to the US. Heavier items cost $5.00-$8.00 for shipping to US.  E-mail for a shipping quote to other countries. SORRY, NO LONGER ABLE TO SHIP OUTSIDE THE USA.
  • We want you to know what you're getting. Click these links for more information that will be posted as it's available:

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    Bidirectional S-Video (M) to RCA/Composite (F) converter (Converter A)

    Bidirectional S-Video (F) to RCA/Composite (M) converter (Converter B)
    Converter A with 12-foot M/M RCA shielded cable
    Converter A with 15-foot M/M RCA shielded cable ALL SOLD!

    Converter B with 12-foot M/M S-Video shielded cable $22.99
    Converter B with 25-foot M/M S-Video shielded cable $29.99
    Converter B with MAMMOTH 50-foot M/M S-Video shielded cable $39.99
    Converter A and audio adapter for laptop/soundcard. $18.99
    Converter B and audio adapter for laptop/soundcard, with two 12-foot RCA cables and one 12-foot S-Video cable.  Everything you need! 29.99
    Converter B and audio adapter for laptop/soundcard, with two 25-foot RCA cables and one 25-foot S-Video cable.  Everything you need! 39.99
    Converter B and audio adapter for laptop/soundcard, with two 50-foot RCA cables and one 50-foot S-Video cable.  Everything you need! 49.99
    Connect your S-Video component to a TV that doesn't have A/V Input! This RF modulator accepts the output of one of our S-Video to RCA converter sets and converts it to a signal compatible with your TV's 75 ohm  TV jack. Works in stereo, too! Use our converter to connect to the yellow RCA video input of this modulator, then connect your sound output to the red/white stereo input jacks of this modulator. Plug your incoming cable TV connection into the back, then connect to your TV. Use on either Channel 4 or Channel 4.  SOLD OUT

    If you already have composite output, this RF modulator will convert it to a VHF signal. Just connect with standard RCA cables. NOTE: S-Video converter and cables, if you need them, sold separately.

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